Noonday Baptist Association
Thursday, July 30, 2015
Marietta, Georgia

Storehouse Ministries



As summer continues Storehouse Ministries has had a very busy summer distribution.  In the month of June 515 households were assisted with 583 food boxes which included 1,439 individuals served and 515 children.  Please remember that food pantries need food and monetary donations during summer months as well as during fall and winter.  For every dollar donated, Storehouse along with our partnership with the Atlanta Food Bank can receive approximately $10 or retail food.  There are still several items in our food boxes that we must purchase at retail prices.

Storehouse Ministries wishes to express our thanks to Sonny Monfort and Fletcher Nixon for the construction project in our office area recently as well as to the many volunteers that served 460 volunteer hours in June.  This ministry is not possible without your support and service.  Please contact Karen at for information on how you can serve with our ministry.

Kids Helping Kids Food Drive concluded with several additional churches bringing in food donations.  These included Sewell Mill, Kennesaw Avenue Missionary and First Baptist, Acworth.  Thanks to all of the churches that participated in this local mission project. 



Storehouse Ministries is a vital ministry meeting the practical needs of persons in our communities who fall on hard times.  The ministry is designed not only to provide physical food, but spiritual nourishment as well.  Storehouse Ministries works with more than 100 Southern Baptist churches and new congregations in the Noonday Baptist Association.  Each church helps by donating food and funds to aid those in need. 

Just a reminder that when a person in need calls or comes to your church, give them the Storehouse Ministries phone number, (770) 428-8410.  Do not send them to the Associational office.  Each person must CALL in to Storehouse Ministries to receive help with assistance.  Storehouse Ministries does not accept walk-ins.

Click HERE for the complete Storehouse Ministries Food List.  These foods are always needed.

CONSIDER becoming a church that regularly contributes to Storehouse Ministries.  Here are some ways your church can do this:

  • Keep boxes in strategic areas of your church facility and have regular collection of food items and delivery dates.
  • Sponsor competitions between Sunday School classes to encourage all ages to give to the needy of our association.
  • Post the General Storehouse Food List in your church.
  • Send in monetary donations to the Storehouse Hunger Fund.  Make checks payable to Noonday Baptist Association and in the memo of the check write Hunger Fund.

However you choose to do it, your steady ministry will be put to good use in drawing the world to God's Kingdom.


Storehouse Ministries presently has 18 pantry churches with food boxes on hand at their church to be distributed to those who contact Storehouse Ministries.  Each box is packed with a Bible and tract.  Members of Pantry Churches make personal contacts and develop relationships with person who contact Storehouse for assistance.  This ministry allows practical needs to be met by a church in the neighborhood of the persons in need with love, compassion, and spiritual hope.

There is a great need for more Pantry Churches.  Please prayerfully consider whether your church can fill this need.  Call Karen Stevens, Storehouse Ministries Coordinator, at (770) 422-3347 for a full explanation of this important ministry role.


Storehouse Ministries depends on volunteers from Noonday Baptist churches.  Volunteers of all ages are needed--from elementary school children to retired adults (children need to be supervised by adults).  This is a way for everyone to become involved in a mission that feeds the needy, carries the Word of God and gives a personal face to Christ Jesus.

Karen Stevens, Storehouse Ministries Coordinator, encourages leaders of RAs, GAs and Youth groups to schedule a time to bring their students to do a mission trip at Storehouse Ministries.  Call (770) 422-3347 to schedule a time to serve.


Together we serve Christ by spreading His love